Twelve underprivileged families received a glimmer of hope, thanks to Vijayaratnam Foundation and a Non-Governmental Organization, iCareBearz, who partnered with QI employees to bring groceries and household items to their doorstep.

A total of 20 staff took part in the Staff Social Responsibility (SSR) activity, giving the volunteers a humbling experience to sit with the families in their homes and hear their stories.

The families identified by iCareBearz were having difficulties in managing their monthly expenses due to illness or death of a family member who was the sole breadwinner. Some of the families included a single parent earning as low as RM600 a month to care for four children, while others had family members who were in prison and therefore were unable to care for their family.

The 12 families are among the many underprivileged families provided with assistance by iCareBearz since January 2015. The families would receive their monthly groceries from the foundation on the first Sunday of the month, thanks to various sponsors. iCareBearz also distributes food to the homeless around Kuala Lumpur every Tuesday night.

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