In support of the performing arts, Vijayaratnam Foundation worked closely with Sugam Karnatica on a special production conducted under its Samarpanam camp. Samarpanam, which means ‘an offering of love’ in Tamil, is an intensive two week cultural camp for children, held during the year end Malaysian school holidays. Samarpanam not only educates children about tradition and culture, but also raises their awareness about how human beings’ actions are effecting the environment negatively.

At this camp, participants undergo intensive training in performing arts – in the areas of music, drama and dance – and showcase their newfound skills in a special musical production called Samudra – which means ocean in Sanskrit – that signifies their graduation from the camp.

Through Samarpanam, VF and Sugam Karnatica work together on imparting values for life, while creating wholesome individuals who have an appreciation for arts and culture and a sense of civic consciousness.