Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation Malaysia (EWRF)
  • The Educational, Welfare and Research Foundation (EWRF) is a national charitable organisation, dedicated to assisting the less privileged Malaysian Indians.
  • Established in January 1978, the Foundation is based in Kuala Lumpur with branches throughout the country. The Foundation has grown in strength from an initial membership of 30 to more than 1000 members today.
  • EWRF has always extended itself to address new and emerging issues in the community that receive inadequate attention but require imperative action. Its efforts over the years have benefited many poor Indians throughout the country.
  • Initially, EWRF’s activities were confined to those living in and around Kuala Lumpur, but now its resources and expertise reach target groups from Kedah to Johor with the establishment of its branches throughout Malaysia.
Hindu Youth Organisation, Port Klang
  • The formation of the Port Klang branch of the Hindu Youth Organisation (HYO) was initialised on 29 November 1981, by a group of youth who came to realisation that the potency of unity in facing adversity is vital. Hence, they chose the Hindu Youth Organisation as a vehicle to help synergise their energy and resources.
  • Almost 30 years have passed and today HYO, Port Klang has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and is a strong and successful organisation which carries out many programmes for empowering and uplifting the Indian youth.
Fenomena Seni Pentas
  • Fenomena Seni Pentas aims to promote unity in the context of muhibbah among all Malaysians, by way of creating awareness about the positive aspects of the performing arts.
  • Founded upon the strong belief that acting is universal and that anyone can become a good actor/actress, Fenomena Sri Pentas is determined to raise the standard and quality of acting in Malaysia by training and producing local actors of equivalent or better calibre than those in other parts of the world.
  • These efforts are part of its long-term plan to commercialise the acting industry in Malaysia, with hope that many more people will begin opting for acting as a full-time career prospect.
Science of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS 24/7)
  • Founded in 2000, SOLS 24/7 is a youth-run programme that offers a comprehensive two-year training and boarding programme on life-skills education, for the disadvantaged and youth ‘at risk’, who come from backward communities.
  • The key reason for the programme’s success is because it advocates the Science of Life Systems -learning modules developed and successfully proven to improve the lives of the participants. While partnering with local NGOs to ensure its sustainability and smooth management transition, the programme reaches out to boys and girls, providing them with equal opportunity for participation.
  • SOLS 24/7 training facilities sustain themselves by giving youth responsibilities in the preparation of meals and board requirements. These centres also contribute to the community by getting involved in the delivery of basic social services such as medicine, carton food (food in cans), clothes, and public awareness programmes. Through SOLS 24/7, many youth and local communities have been able to build their own network of social services.
Malaysian Indian Science Intellectual – MISI
  • Malaysian Indian Science Intellectual (MISI) is an NGO formed for the Cultivation of Science and Technology. The organisation works to provide a platform for interaction between Indian researchers/scientists and young Indian students throughout Malaysia and worldwide.
  • MISI’s objectives are in line with Malaysia’s vision to transform the nation into a knowledge-based economy; education, training and retraining in science and technology are crucial to achieve this.
  • Through its initiatives, MISI aims to develop Innovative and Creative Thinking Skills (ICTS) in young Indian students who are in Primary and Secondary schools, and Universities.  Another objective of MISI is to create awareness among the Indian community, about the increasingly important role that Science and Technology plays in sustaining and improving the competitiveness of Malaysia.
RiverBank Academy
  • RiverBank Academy Centre for Skills Learning and Knowledge Development is a training and consultancy firm, newly established in Kajang, Selangor.
  • The institute offers a wide range of training programmes & consultancy in the disciplines of management; human resources; strategic negotiation; conflict management; communication & people skills; leadership & teambuilding; training needs; customer services; social finesse skills; and other specialised training programmes.
  • RiverBank Academy’s mission emulates the vision of the Malaysian Government – to create skilled, educated and productive human resources required to fuel the nation’s growth towards industrialisation.
  • With a strong commitment to Total Quality Management, and the support of a professional team of dedicated lecturers, the institution continues contributing to the growth of Malaysia as a key provider of professional manpower needs of industries in this region.
  • Riverbank Academy is also an approved learning centre for Institute of Professional Development—Open University Malaysia, and is now embarking to diversify itself into a full competency based education service provider.