QI Malaysia staff continued to support Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) through its SSR programme, with the latest activity being held on 25 November 2017.  Over 20 staff from various departments teamed up to assist in the soup kitchen’s operations in the spirit of giving back. KSK, founded by His Eminence TSEM Rinpoche, is a registered NGO which aims to provide food, counselling services and medical care for the homeless and urban poor.

This time, the activity focused on food bank programme registration and grocery distribution for urban poor families in the Desa Mentari residential area. Our volunteers were organised into two groups, who gathered at KSK’s premises in Kuala Lumpur according to their designated time-shifts. Following that, an introductory briefing was conducted by KSK which our first-time volunteers found to be very informative.

Volunteers then car-pooled to Desa Mentari, where upon arrival, were team-up with experienced KSK team members to carry out registration and distribution exercises. Throughout the activity, KSK team members were very engaging and shared further insights into the soup kitchen’s operations with QI volunteers.

Before parting ways, the KSK team thanked our volunteers for having contributed their time to help out at the soup kitchen and further commended QI Group for its effort in implementing SSR programmes. Meanwhile, QI volunteers expressed that the activity was an eye opener and they had learned a lot from this activity, after having seen with their own eyes hardships faced by the urban poor. Several volunteers also planned to return and participate in future voluntary work at the soup kitchen.