Eighteen QI Malaysia staff volunteered to spend their Sunday with 31 children of the United Learning Centre (ULC), a volunteer centre in Kuala Lumpur that provides education to children of Myanmar refugees.

QI staff brought lots of cheers, happiness, food and a movie treat for the children who were undoubtedly overwhelmed by the love, affection and care. The children, aged 8 to 15 years, were also overjoyed when they were taken to the nearby GSC cinema theatre at Berjaya Mall to watch ‘Jumanji.’

“We at QI are committed to doing our bit for the community especially children.  The QI Group is no stranger to corporate social responsibility. Under its motto of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, the Group pours substantial initiatives into children with special needs, community development and community wellbeing.

“Today, our staff took part in the various activities to help provide a great experience for the Myanmar kids. They also found that it is important for us to learn about the existence of vulnerable communities like the Myanmar refugees who need our help,” said Ms. Boey Kho, QI Director of HR and Administration.

Nestled in a secluded corner in a residential area in Kuala Lumpur, ULC is staffed by Myanmar refugees and supported by NGOs, charitable organisations and volunteers. The centre provides education for the children to help prepare them for resettlement in a third country.