On 5th March 2017, 20 QI staff gathered at a local restaurant in Sungai Buloh to pack groceries for distribution to underprivileged families in the area. Volunteers, together with the Vijayaratnam Foundation worked in partnership with iCareBearz (iCB) to hand deliver the much-needed groceries to these families, bringing joy and hope to some of the poorest families in Sungai Buloh.

The homes were earlier identified through either visits by iCB or referred by local schools in the vicinity. Volunteers provided a shoulder to cry on and spent time listening to the plight of these families, who have either been stricken by poverty due to the death of a sole breadwinner or poor health of the individual who is no longer able to work.

A mother of seven, who is supporting her husband currently undergoing dialysis was clearly overwhelmed by the contribution, saying that “the love and care showed by the volunteers truly brings joy to my family, as we are going through a difficult time.”

QI volunteer, Thiripura Sunthari said, “After participating in the event and seeing the suffering of others, I am really thankful for what I have in my life. I realise that there is a need for us to serve these communities, and I shall come back for the next food drop.”

iCB was formed in 2013 by a group who met whilst volunteering at a feed the homeless programme on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. iCB is self-funded, with donations coming from its members, their friends and the public through social media. The team approaches identified needy families, build a relationship with them and later assists with job placement, educational or skills programmes, provides financial assistance, household necessities or help find the right shelter. The operational cost of programmes by iCB differs every month, with an average of about RM 6,000, to support around 30 families.