The new module of Maharani Phase One Camp was recently trialed at YMCA in Ipoh, Perak from 8-10 September 2017. The three-day-two-night camp, which was the first of a three-phase module, was attended by 28 students from SMK Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab, SMK Methodist, and SMK Chemor.

Developed for girls aged between 13-16 years old, the camp aimed to set forth the girls on a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the camp, students participated in group activities such as games, role-plays, and group discussions, which focused on critical developmental aspects such as self and gender identity, ethnicity and cultural appreciation, and sexual and reproductive rights awareness.

Students commended the camp for having taught them the importance of goal-setting, how it would help them to stay focused on their ambitions, and how to make life decisions wisely. Camp Commander, Ms. Barathy Devi Murugaya, encouraged the students to always face challenges head on. “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the changes you miss, when you don’t even try,” she said.

The Maharani camp was first introduced in year 2010 with a small number of students from Peninsular Malaysia. With continued increase of students every year, 5210 students from 75 schools have successfully participated in the camps thus far. This year, the Vijayaratnam Foundation has introduced a fresh Maharani Camp module with newly onboard trainer, Ms. Betty Yeoh, who has over 30 years of experience in training and development.


One for the album… Maharani camp participants with camp trainer, facilitators and staff of Vijayaratnam Foundation.


Group activity led by Head of Vijayaratnam Foundation, Ms. Jayamalar Samuel and camp trainer, Ms. Betty Yeoh.


Students actively participating in a group discussions led by a camp facilitator.