February 18, Kuala Selangor – As part of a Staff Social Responsibility (SSR), 41 QI Malaysia staff with the Vijayaratnam Foundation, gave the Elshadaai Old Folks Home a much-needed makeover with a significant clean-up and new lick of paint! Travelling over an hour from QI Tower in Petaling Jaya to Hulu Langat by bus, volunteers also brought with them groceries and other day to day essentials to give the residents, aged between 50 and 85, a more comfortable and memorable stay.

Upon arrival, volunteers were given a brief on the background of the home and divided into cleaning and painting groups. Volunteers started the SSR by cleaning the walls with a jet spray, before applying a sealant and using 60 litres of high quality weather shield paint to give the home walls and grill a clean, bright new look. A store room along a walk way, with unwanted items, posing a fire hazard was also cleared.

The new coat of paint, gave the home residents renewed faith and hope that the year will a better one. Residents also thanked volunteers for their time and effort. A volunteer, Winnie Leong said the event was meaningful and has a special place in her heart. “It was a joy to see our staff join hands for a good cause, unity at its best,” she said.

The home, has been operating in the premise since 2011, on a monthly operational cost of RM 5,000 to provide shelter for elderly folks with various illnesses including stroke patients who were abandoned by their families. Unfortunately, they face a constant shortage of funds due to its secluded location.

Pastor Moses, founder of the Home said he had been managing the home at a different location for the past 10 years. However, 5 years ago the old home was razed in a fire and they moved to the current location. “We prayed at the beginning of the year for some help, I never thought it will come in such a beautiful gesture, a new coat of paint and new found friendship,” he added.